Testimonials From Homer T Owners

This is Jon Shanks, Grammy Award winning producer, songwriter & guitar player with his Homer T Sonic HH on stage with Bon Jovi in Brazil.

Homer T guitars have reshaped my opinion of what a great guitar is.

The first time I went in Harbor Music, I saw some new PRS SEs and Danelectros, as well as a boutique selection of used guitars in excellent condition.  It was a nice selection at a fair price.  I also saw several worn in guitars, but I was never one to gravitate towards them.  I asked if I could play one of the Danelectros and the owner, Scott, was accommodating.  Then he asked me what type of guitars I prefer to play.  I noted that I prefer Fender Teles and Strats.  Then he asked if I was interested in trying one of the "Homer T" guitars hanging on the wall.  This was one of the worn in guitars.  I figured "why not", so he set me up on a vintage Fender amp.  Holy smokin' tobacco!  I fell in love with this guitar.  It was a "Homer T Turbo".


The Homer T guitars are basically guitars built using vintage methods crossed with modern dimensions and quality electronics.  They use nitrocellulose lacquers like the guitar companies used to use in the 50's and 60's.  They also "relic" the guitars so they look like they've been played for 50 years, but they are brand new.  The older style paints and premium woods help the guitar to resonate so they sound fantastic. 



The necks are broken in so they feel real comfortable in your hand.  Now I understand why the vintage guitars go for so much money.  They are far better musical instruments than the majority of what is made today.  The Homer T guitars capture all this vintage goodness. They are sold for just under what you would pay for a brand new guitar, (which doesn't sound half as good with a polyurethane finish) made in the USA.  The Homer T guitars compare to guitars that are 5 to 10 times their price.


I was never one to gravitate towards relic'd guitars, but now that I've been playing the Homer Ts, it's my favorite type of finish.  The broken in neck just feels like home.  I own a lot of really nice guitars, which include Gibsons, Paul Reed Smiths, and Knaggs.  My Homer T guitars are my main guitars now because they sound and play so well.  The pickups, pots and switches are all high end from well known manufacturers like Lollar, Seymour Duncan and DiMarzio.  These guitars just sound awesome and feel great.  They are my favorite guitars.

If you play guitar and you live in LA, you gotta get over to Harbor Music and try out the Homer T guitars.

-Todd Smith


Homer, Just wanted to say how pleased I am with my decision to purchase the Homer T Turbo. I started looking for a Tele style guitar about a year ago. I searched and compared Fender, Suhr and Nash guitars before deciding to go with the Homer T.


The Homer feels, plays and sounds better than everything else I tried. The combination of ash body,maple neck, bone nut, nitrocellulose finish and Lollar pick ups produce an amazing variety of tones in every pick up selector position. In fact every position is incredibly useful, which as most players will attest, doesn't happen too often. An added bonus IMO, is that the guitar sounds great with all of my pedals, or just straight into my amp.


Well done sir.

-Mike Mackey


This testimonial is definitely long overdue, having bought my first Homer T guitar (a Turbo 52) about a year ago.

I have always been a nut for boutique “T” style guitars. I have quite a few. Not to reiterate all the praise that has been showered upon one of Leo’s first designs, suffice to say I’m sure most players would agree this classic machine holds a permanent place in guitar lore forever.

The popularity of the “T” style unfortunately is a two sided coin. As builders have come a long way in refinements such as playability and electronics, so has the price point. Along with the boutique builders, even Fender custom shop is offering units in the $2,000-$4000 price range lately. Whoah!

That said…about a year ago I got the itch, and looking to scratch it, I roamed around and stumbled upon Homer T guitars. All hand built right here in Southern California and professionally tweaked by Homer T’s expert luthiers, I was seduced by a very reasonable price point of around $1500 bucks so I pulled the trigger on a Butterscotch“Turbo 52” that they had in stock with a maple neck.

The guitar was flawless right out of the box, and short of changing the strings, it has not moved in over a year. The tone, the weight, the playability is unmatched by instruments costing twice as much. It’s got the vintage mojo and excels in any style. It has been my go to machine for almost all my gigs.

So…I’m sitting around about a year later and decided to do something about the painful absence of a strat style guitar in my toolbox. So, rather than mortgage the house with a high end boutique machine, I decided to go back to Homer T’s website. I called Homer and he hooked me up with a killer faded Vintage Cream White “Sonic 63” HSS masterpiece with a dark Rosewood fingerboard. Yes, I am in “Homer T Heaven” once again. I cannot imagine why a strat junkie would want anything more. Like my Turbo, it’s perfectly playable…has beautiful frets, and killer tone from those hand wound Lollar pickups.

In closing…I would recommend, before the word gets out, contacting Homer T and snag your dream machine before his prices rise to match his quality.

Great work!

Rick (in Southern California)

Homer T,

The “FVG” totally rocks!

It was one of those things I’m glad I never did back in the 80's.

You made a guitar that looks and feels like you took a vintage '63 strat and totally f**ked it up by routing out the body for two humbuckers and a Floyd. Dude…I’m so glad you did it!

I can't believe the sustain and power this guitar has.

I don’t know what kind of magic sparkle dust you threw on this guitar but it sounds amazing. Chords sound big and articulate, and notes just pop out.

It can roar and scream…but also get clean and jangle.

It has all the versatility I need.

It pulls harmonics and warbles like Brad Gillis, and shreds like Warren DiMartini.

It also gets the chicks like Brett Michaels !!

Thanks for being meticulous and taking the time to make sure everything was perfect and to my specifications.

You made my dream guitar! !!

-Michael Kobayashi
                                        (Black Rose, Damaged Goods and Signals)



It's an awesome guitar, superb playability (better than most Fenders and Gibsons I played) and its tonal soundscape keeps surprising me. I'm pretty cool with all the neck and middle pickup settings and haven't even tried all the cool sounds I can get from the bridge..

-David Riphagen


In a word…Wow !!I’d been shopping around for a “P” style Bass for about a year when I walked into your store. From a distance I saw a beautiful sunburst bass on the wall. I was intrigued when I realized that it was a Homer T design. The Primal ’61.

The aging was very tasteful, and you could tell just by looking at it that the build quality was superb. Then I picked it up. I immediately owned it !! I couldn’t believe how light and balanced this instrument was. And it played just like I hoped it would.

Every once in a great while you hold a guitar or bass and it just fits. The Primal just fit ! So now it’s mine. Thank you for creating such a great instrument.

Jeff Pierce
Redondo Beach, CA



To Homer T,

My bass collection just got fatter. The new addition is a Homer T  Primal P/J '64 Bass.  I’ve been scouting for a Jazz bass or a P/J type bass for about a year. My Go-To has been my USA Fender P Bass with the split-coil pickup and I thought perhaps a Jazz bass with two pickups would be my next step. I’ve played many and liked the tones on some, but I prefer a wider more familiar neck of the P bass. I go by music stores all over my area and often stop at a local music shop, Harbor Music in Redondo Beach, Ca., for strings, guitars, advise or pedals and noticed they recently began making and selling Homer T guitars and basses. Homer T’s have impressive relic details on each one. Locally and expertly hand made for way under $2000. I asked Scott (of Homer T) if Homer would build a bass for me. I gave him my wish list. He handed me a Homer T Primal P/J ’64 Bass. I plugged it in and could hardly believe my eyes, ears and hands. Bright bold tones from the bridge produced a Jaco like burp right off and the split-coil has that fat familiar P thump I depend on. Blending them produced strong tones. I thought this bass would do it all. Good on the eyes hands and lightweight. Made locally. It seemed perfect. I put it on Layaway.

I returned the next morning and brought it home. My Homer T Primal P/J ’64 bass is carefully finished to look like the older guitars I’ve seen in magazines and antique guitar shows. It came with a lightly crackled white finish yellowed to perfection with a few dings you’d expect from an older guitar. The Primal P/J ’64 Bass looks like a few of my older guitars, played and cared for. This is a brand new bass, yet styled as a relic, and as relics go, Homer T’s are the best I’ve seen. Hand made locally in Redondo Beach, CA, using high quality woods, pickups, components, and finishes, distressed ever so slight to mimic an old friend of 50+ years. Obviously, Homer has been around the block. The tuners, bridge, pickups, body and neck all have an aged look.

For me, this bass hit every mark. As soon as Scott (Homer?) put it in my hands I noticed its lightweight, (7 lbs. 12oz.). I’m 65 years old and these days, lightweight (anything) is a premium. The P body feels familiar in my hands. The neck has the P bass width and a surprising thin fast “C” shape. The Lollar split-coil neck pickup is strong, fat and dynamic producing thick P bass thump with great range and sustain for days. The tone knob has very satisfying roll off, low to high or middle. At the bridge, Homer installed an overwound J pickup built to keep up with the powerful split-coil and it does so with authority. Wow! I’ve had it for a week and I can hardly put it down. I’m blown away. It feels familiar and plays like an old friend. Killer tones. A win!

My Homer T bass came with a well-made Protech Gig Bag (my preference over a case), a hat, strap and t-shirt, each with the Homer T logo. Nice! The neck is flat with smooth fret ends. The low frets and the thin neck profile make moving along the fret board effortless. No dead spots. In my hands, the bass feels at home. All of the parts weathered just right with period correct bridge, pick guard and tuners. I prefer the input on the pick guard, making it easy to plug in of the fly with either 90’s or straight cables. The intonation is spot on. Homer T’s use of long setscrews as pointers for the volume and tone knobs is a brilliant idea. The nut was cut perfectly allowing me to lower the strings with no fret buzz. The fretwork is even and polished. This is the best bass I’ve owned or played. The Homer T Primal P/J ’64 is my new Go-To/favorite bass. Thanks Homer.

Part 2---"Butter !!"

Hi Homer,

I've been playing my Homer T bass a lot these days. 4 gigs so far this year (Jan 22). Played about 7+ hours yesterday at a birthday party jam yesterday. Blown away... the bass delivers on so many levels. I let 2 other bass players play it for several songs each. Nothing but praise. Tone most of all. Playability and tone. There is enough sweep from the controls to get nearly every tone imaginable.

At several points there were 2 bassists. The other guy doing the Seinfeld kinda playing and me doing root passages. We killed it. The PUs are so powerful, a simple increased attack raises a volume and presence I've never known. Thank you for building my bass. Love it. Another bassist, (much better than I), when asked what he thought… said, "Butter". Nuff said. I had a amazing day, the music was full, solid and highly professional. I thought of you all night.

Most of the players discovered a new guitar builder, Homer T. I told them about you and the HomerT line, but it was the bass that really did the selling. Most of the players were excited and discussions developed in the audience about the bass. Some said it's a Fender. Others it Homer or Homer T. Good times. Bitchen bass. Still my favorite all time. Thank you.

Gerald S.

"The Turbo '62 is unlike any guitar I've ever played. Its ash body makes it lightweight and a blast to play onstage, and it's maple neck, rosewood board, and Fast-C neck shape make every guitar player that touches it 10x more uninhibited. The vintage Lollars offer an unmatched versatility of tone, enhanced by the guitar's sleek cut. Plus, the Turbo 62's vintage bridge and Kluson tuning pegs give it that gorgeous vintage feel that some players spend decades trying to find. What's more, the sunburst finish and double binding make this guitar an aesthetic masterpiece. I've played hundreds of guitars in my life, but this is the first one I've owned that I would call a true work of art. "

---Evan Allis  

This guitar is Perfect !!!

It’s just a beautiful instrument and I can’t believe how natural

the relic-ing looks. It’s so authentic looking.

The weight is phenomenal…it’s so light, it’s like a feather.

The neck is….I’ve never played a neck this sweet. It’s just a beautiful neck.It’s like you knew…like you were here and you measured my hands.

And the sounds are just amazing…it’s so versatile. The way you wired it with Push/Pull pots on the volume and tone controls, it sounds fantastic. It’s like having a “T” and a “LP” in one guitar.

I love having the reverse control plate (“Gatton” style)…I can’t believe the access I have to the tones now…..‘cuz I use that stuff a lot !!…it’s just great.

I can’t thank you enough.

This is the best guitar I’ve ever owned !!

----Chris Caputo

Hey Homer,

Love the guitar! It is the absolute best guitar I've ever had.

I get an incredibly wide range of sounds between

the hot rails and the push-pull pots.

I can get everything from Tele to a Les Paul sound.

This comes in handy because I play both  country and hard rock.

It allows me to get through a whole night without having to switch guitars.

I must add that the fret work is awesome and the neck plays like a dream.

The body is light and the Candy Apple Green is awesome.

I would highly recommend a Homer T Guitar.

For the price, it is as good as anything I have ever played.

-Cliff Barber

Hello…my name is Brian. I own #019…a Sonic ’63 in Fiesta Red.

From the moment I first saw it, and played it (no amp)…

I knew this was the Best Guitar I would ever own or PLAY.

It’s intonation is PERFECT. Whether the guitar is up to my chin…at my waist…

or down at my feet, it plays “bell clear” on every fret.

Bent notes play “Gilmourishly” (yes, that is now a word).

Just stellar !!

Thank you Homer T.

Kindest regards,


"I've been as a musician for almost 30 years, and all this time I was looking a guitar who had good tones, better tuning, playability, soul, vibe, and beautiful look.

I spent much time and money, but now I found it.

My Homer T has all this things!

He improved all that has been done since 60s.

I fell in love with this guitar."

---Alex Fornari (São Paulo, Brazil)

I am a gigging musician in a classic rock & blues band.

I play mainly Les Pauls and Strats. I was looking for a guitar with a vintage feel and sound that I could gig with…and my Sonic 63 HT Sig Model is all that and more. This guitar played perfect from the start and will go from the sweetest cleans to the grittiest overdrive.

It reacts to your playing style and will lay back or take off, depending on your attack and feel, with its crazy-fast shaped neck. The stacked humbuckers in the neck and middle are sparkly and full, and the Seymour Duncan Humbucker at the bridge is ready for war when you want your Marshall tones. The factory finish is Vintage-Classy and looks like the guitar has faithfully served the owner for decades, with the tone to back up its bitchin vibe. I am so confident in these collectable pieces that my next purchase will be one of the Primal basses. Awesome workmanship and a dependable work horse my Sonic 63HT!

---Jim Mariano… (Guitar Madman)




I just wanted to share with you how much I am enjoying my Homer T guitar.

First of all…it is the fact that it was made for me. Only me, based on what I wanted a guitar to have, not what came off the assembly line.That makes a big difference based on the fact that I don't have to "settle" on getting what is a compromise instrument. You know all those details based on the amount of time you took with me to map out my guitar.

The second item is that based on what I wanted, ordered and received,

it was ready to go when delivered. Totally playable in every respect. Awesome! The shape, fit, and sound was what I have wanted in a guitar since I started playing.

And the third item, is the price. I had priced the same design-build guitar from other builders (including the big boys) and the Homer T was significantly less expensive. But the build quality stands shoulder to shoulder with the best of them.Job well done!

Best regards,


I took my Jurassic ‘63 bass on a gig the day it arrived. I haven't touched another bass since. Every tone that I need for blues, funk, country, classic rock, R&B, soul, reggae and, yes, even Hawaiian uke music, jumps out of this thing…(the Jaco burp, too.)

Two important details stand out: the fat slab rosewood fretboard, and the chubby c-profile neck. It weighs barely 8 pounds. Open the case…and it floats into my hands.

The relic work is tasteful. I detest relic jobs that make your guitar look like Keith Richard's face. The Lollar pickups produce a punchy, slightly transparent sound that blends with the band, and produces fat fundamentals that never disappear in the mix.

I paid about $1,700. It didn't need a setup. Duplicating the magic of early 60s J basses isn't easy. And not every bass Fender made in its Golden Age is great. How did Homer do it for less than $2,000?

Love this bass.