About Us

About Homer T Guitar Co

I've played, seen and owned hundreds of Real vintage guitars from the 50's and 60's.  Been to tons of vintage shows, bought and sold vintage guitars for years.
To me, the coolest ones don't look like you dragged them behind a truck.

“Homer T Guitar Co” builds Top-of-the-Line Boutique Instruments using High Quality components.

We make guitars that look like they've really been played for 50 years.
They show weather-checking, and a little wear.
They’re shot in Nitrocellulose, and Carefully Relic'd
to give you the look and feel of a Real Vintage Instrument.
They're all built right here in Redondo Beach, CA.
Our guitars are professionally set up...the frets are beautiful...and...
Every Homer T guitar and bass is ready to go...right out of the box !!

So, if you want...
the Look, Feel, Sound and Vibe of a 50 Year Old Tone Machine…
at a price that’s in your reach, then...
you’re gonna love Homer T guitars.

Scott “Homer T” Gerber